Richard Wilcox
Born 1945 in Connecticut
Lives and works in New York City since 1966


Artist’s Statement

After graduating from the Paier College of Art in 1966, I moved to New York City where I continued my education at The New School for Social Research, Parsons School of Design and ICP. My studies have included fine art, art history, design disciplines such as graphics, textile, furniture and interior design as well as photography.

My photographs are currently exhibited at the Soho Photo Gallery in New York City.

The subjects in the Lane Line series are the ubiquitous markings found on the streets of every urban area in the world. These graphically compelling, enigmatic images emerge from a spatial ambiguity and an illusion of depth on the flat surface of asphalt pavement.

The photographs of the Architecture portfolio provide unique views of the built environment. Having been separated from their visually chaotic surroundings, these narrowly focused compositions possess an elegant complexity.

The Scaffold portfolio provides grand cacophonies of pipes, clamps, planks, ropes, cables and tarp shimmering or looming dark always heaving upward.


Richard focuses on… “what is endlessly there
to play with, simple thought it may be, allowing
us to see differently”.

Sandra Ullmann, Photographer Chicago, IL